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What We Do

The Village Family Services is a leader in providing trauma-informed, culturally sensitive services to children, homeless youth and families so that they can lead safe, healthy and productive lives.

Teen Problems
Ending Youth Homelessness

Our Drop-In Center has provided more than 9,000 youth with immediate relief—a safe space to find shelter and support.

Foster Care & Adoption
Foster Care & Adoptions

With 30,000 children and teens currently in foster care in Los Angeles County, the need for loving families as never been greater.

Mature grandmother lays hand on teen grandson to reassure him
Behavioral Health

The children, youth and families who come to The Village have had more than their share of trauma—abuse, neglect, violence and homelessness.

Gayle's Story

Gayle’s Story "The Village Put Their Faith In Me"

Gayle Alvarez’s childhood was marked by instability. Her parents separated when she was little…


Support our work. With your generous support, we can end youth homelessness and provide life-changing services to children and families in our community.