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The Village Family Services provides housing and healing to vulnerable families, foster children, and at-risk or homeless youth.



Getting ready to foster

The Village works to ensure that you are ready to share a safe and stable home with a child or teen.

In that spirit, we require that:

  • you attend an orientation

  • complete an application

  • obtain a mandatory government background check

  • complete related clearances

During orientation, you’ll receive a detailed overview of how you’ll collaborate with your social workers throughout the time that the child is in your care.

You’ve been certified. What’s next?

Once we believe that we have a child that would be a great fit, we contact you to provide some initial information about the child. If you agree to proceed with placing the child in your home, you will meet the child on placement day, get acquainted, and begin building a connection. Sounds like a lot, but it is all well organized and The Village is here every step of the way.

Permanent adoption after fostering

Typically, it is about a year before you can explore the possibility of adopting a child permanently. This option will depend on the situation with the child’s biological parents, or next of kin, along with other factors and circumstances. Keep in mind that adoption is a lengthy process and can take a year or more once it is determined that a child is eligible.