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The Village Family Services provides housing and healing to vulnerable families, foster children, and at-risk or homeless youth.

Integrated Behavioral Health

Through Recovery + Wellness



Expertise + Compassion + Cultural Understanding = Improved Lives 

The children and youth we work with have had more than their share of trauma—abuse, neglect, homelessness—often accompanied by a host of health problems such as poor nutrition, chronic illness, substance use, and more. 

That’s where The Village comes in.

Our strength is treating trauma. In fact, we take a trauma-informed approach to every service we provide. Our bilingual/multicultural staff are highly trained in using a full range of proven, evidence-based methods that are individual-, family- and group-focused. 

The Village’s ultimate goal is to help children, youth, and families improve their emotional and social well-being so they can live more productive and fulfilling lives. This means blending both physical and mental health services to achieve total wellness.

Strong - even on tough days

“I honestly can’t believe I’m graduating! You helped me figure out things for myself—not just telling me what to do. It made me look at what I believed was right or wrong, and to take care of myself. I’ve learned what healthy relationships are and how to create them. I’m proud to see how strong I’ve become - even on the tough days.”

Michelle, Former Client

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All of The Village’s clinical and behavioral services are informed by best practices when working with individuals and families, including those who identify as LGBTQ+. Our team of therapists, case managers, behavioral specialists, and parent partners tailor each treatment plan to the person’s unique needs, with cultural sensitivity and respect. This is something for which The Village is especially well-known and regarded among social-service providers.



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