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The Village Family Services provides housing and healing to vulnerable families, foster children, and at-risk or homeless youth.

Project Q & LGBTQ

Youth Outreach


Since LGBTQ youth are disproportionally affected by homelessness and neglect, we developed specialized recovery and wellness programs to give these young people the unconditional care and support they need. Our trained staff are dedicated to creating safe and welcoming programs for LGBTQ youth and their allies. 

LGBTQ Support Groups


Queer Kickbacks


Caregiver Workshops


Each Tuesday, LGBTQ homeless youth and those at-risk of homelessness come together during weekly support groups at our Drop-in Center. Here they can discuss their problems or thoughts in a safe and supportive environment. 

Our quarterly social events open to LGBTQ youth and allies provide a healthy outlet of creativity, self-expression and fun, while facilitating a sense of community for youth who might otherwise feel alone. Individuals and businesses can sponsor these gatherings by providing financial or in-kind support. 

The one thing LGBTQ youth crave more than anything else is acceptance. We work with their caregivers to help both sides understand what the other is feeling and to allow for understanding, compassion, and acceptance.  

Together we can give these youth the safety and support they need! 

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