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The Village Family Services provides housing and healing to vulnerable families, foster children, and at-risk or homeless youth.

The Village Model

to Solve Youth Homelessness



From Street to Sustainability

Ending youth homelessness requires a comprehensive, personalized array of services that include housing, health care, therapy, vocational training, employment services, educational support and more. We call this our “wraparound” approach to care. Providing intense, community-based services guarantees that youth are given the tools, skills and resources they need to get off the streets and move forward with their lives.

Ending Youth Homelessness Requires Everyone Working Together. 

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Different perspective on life.

“I was on my guard when I came here. It was up ‘till I met this amazing counselor who provided me with a different perspective on life and the situation I was in. If it wasn’t for the friendly staff and resources, I would still be on the street; still be depressed, putting myself down, and finding any which way to make money.”

— J., Former Client