Building Trust = Creating Impact

Dear Friends,

It is said that trust is the foundation on which all things are built; staff and leadership at The Village Family Services (The Village) couldn’t agree more.

In the context of The Village’s commitment to impacting lives within our community, that means trust between our clients and staff, our community and organization, and between our supporters and the work we do every day. We take this commitment to heart, ensuring that our work with each individual served—whether placing a child with a loving foster family, helping a family heal from trauma, or providing stability to a youth experiencing homelessness—honors that trust.

We also value and respect the financial and in-kind contributions our supporters have trusted in us, understanding that you put your trust in us to be good stewards with the limited donations we need each year to grow and strengthen our programs. Our strong financial and programmatic audits are a testament to this commitment to excellence and the high expectation we hold for ourselves.

As the needs in our community continue to grow, The Village is growing with them. Whether it is our new offices in Huntington Park, serving highly vulnerable children and families, or the 50-bed housing facility for youth experiencing homelessness we opened in early 2018, our focus remains on maintaining and building trust with all our stakeholders, and in doing so, strengthening our own “Village” to better serve our clients.

To all of our clients, partners, and supporters, thank you for placing your trust in The Village’s ability to transform lives and strengthen our community. Together, we can ensure that every child has the tools and supports for success.

With Deepest Appreciation,

Hugo Villa Signature

Hugo C. Villa, LMFT
Chief Executive Officer

Irma Signature

Irma Seilicovich, LMFT
Chief Operating Officer