A Year Like No Other

The past year has challenged us to come together like never before to fulfill our role as an essential service provider. The rapid transformation that our dedicated staff made at the onset of COVID-19 enabled us to deliver uninterrupted services to children, youth and families who, during “normal” times, already faced significant adversity.

The impact of the pandemic, including record unemployment rates, economic hardship, school closures, and downturns in emotional health and well-being, could have paralyzed us in fear and chaos. Yet, together, we stood in strength and determination.

We made thoughtful yet fast-paced changes that touched every aspect of our agency—programs and services, our Drop-in Center for homeless youth, communications, operations, and even our board governance. We overhauled protocols and processes to ensure quality and safety, expanded our telehealth and technology capacity, and increased our proactive communication with our staff, clients and partners to ensure that we all stayed connected and coordinated.

As we continue to navigate the road ahead, including a critical nationwide dialogue on ending systemic racism, we are gratefully aware that our progress is made possible by our dedicated staff and supporters. Thank you for helping The Village meet the extraordinary needs of our times.

We are honored to share our 2019/2020 Annual Report with you.

Hugo Villa Signature

Hugo C. Villa, LMFT
Chief Executive Officer

Irma Signature

Irma Seilicovich, LMFT
Chief Operating Officer